Dear friends and visitors,

due to high demand from around the world and since David (‚Boston Bones‘)  also likes to contribute to this blog, we will – to the greatest possible extent – try to offer the blog in English starting at the end of  June 2016. 

Here are a few notes so you can find yourself along easily:

  • To jump quickly to the English content of an article just click on the Union Jack (upper left corner at the top of each page)
Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg (1)

Union Jack

  • Sometimes the English and German text will appear alternately but the English text will be shown in italics and, (if possible) in blue color.
  • Due to the size and scope I will not be translating every single page, specially the former travel journal so far. For doing that by yourself please use one of the translation tools in the internet like for example the google translator.
  • Starting the new trail   (the ‚Te Araroa‘) in November 2016, David and I will  blog our travel journals in both languages (he in English, I in German). As far as on the trail time allows me, I will directly translate the texts.

So, and now have fun browsing the pages!


Best regards!

Maria and David

P.S.: If you have got any questions feel free to contact us!