‚Elfe aus Welver steigt auf den Schicksalsberg‘ – Soester Anzeiger vom 06. April 2019


Hallo zusammen!

Hier noch der Zeitungsartikel im Soester Anzeiger vom 06. April 2019. Zur vergrößerten Ansicht einfach auf den Link oder das Bild klicken.

Und wie gesagt, wer zur Präsentation am 24. April 2019 kommen möchte ist herzlich eingeladen. Ob jung ob alt, ob Frau oder Mann …. Alle Interessierten sind herzlich willkommen!

Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich. Der Eintritt ist frei, die Evangelische Frauenhilfe Welver/ Recklingsen und ich freuen sich aber über

Spenden zur Unterstützung des Frauenhaus in Soest!


Viel Spaß beim Lesen, eure Maria!


Soester Anzeiger 06-04-2019



Englische Version

Hello everybody!

Enclosed there is the newspaper article in the ‚Soester Anzeiger‘ from April 06 th 2019. For a larger view just click on the link or the picture.

Scroll down for the translation!

Who would like to come to the presentation on April 24th 2019 is warmly invited!

Admission is free, but the ‚Evangelische Frauenhilfe Welver/ Recklingsen‘ and I are looking forward to collect

donations for the support of the Frauenhaus in Soest!

The presentation will be in German language but of course you are welcome to come too!


See you!

Your Maria!



Own translation! Please forgive the mistakes!



Extrem hiker Maria Elfe Weinmann and her partner travel through northern New Zealand  

Original by Gabi Bender


Welver/ Wellington –
„We slipped and fell, we were soaked in mud, we were exhausted and thought about quitting hiking several times.“ Listening to the description of Maria Elfe Weinmann about her hike through New Zealand’s North and knowing J.R.R. Tolkien’s „Lord of the Rings“, you inevitably think about the exhausting journey of Frodo and Sam to Mount Doom. Especially since the extrem hiker , who lives in Welver for over a year now, and her partner David Kleber climbed ‚Mount Doom‘. „But we did not throw a ring into the crater,“ she says with a smile, because she knows the trilogy, which is one of her favorite films, too. „Unfortunately, even though Mount Ngauruhoe is still an active volcano, we have not seen any seething lava there.“ But the two have seen a lot of other things. „The impressions we brought back from Te Araroa are just incredibly diverse,“ says David Kleber. „We hiked through rivers, hiked miles and miles along lonely beaches, traversed volcanic landscapes and rainforests, climbed snow-capped mountains and traveled many days on the Whanganui River by canoe. The landscape is magnificent and the flora and fauna simply indescribable.”

A hernia brought the tour to an end.

But ‚The Long Pathway‘, as the over 3000 kilometers long-distance trail is called, was a bit too long for the team which works well together. “We really underestimated the Te Araroa and more or less smiled at it. However, with the rainforests the trail quickly showed us our limits”, Maria Elfe Weinmann self-critically admits. „Nevertheless we would like to have seen the South Island too, but unfortunately had to cancel the tour due to my hernia. So after only three months of hiking through the north, the tour came to an end.” After scrolling through their blog on www.mariaelfe.com you can see why the two underestimated the Te Araroa. Seven years ago Maria Elfe Weinmann hiked 4300 kilometers alone through the West of the United States. It took her about six months to hike the ‚Pacific Crest Trail‘ (PCT), which starts in Southern California on the border to Mexico and leads all the way to the Canadian border. The highest point of the route is at over 4000 meters. But everything started in 2010 when she had to make a good use out of a few months between two jobs. She quit her apartment, sold her belongings and made her way from her doorstep in Paderborn to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. „I was hiking for several months and the experiences I made on this tour left their marks. The enthusiasm for long distance hiking never left eversince.“ Infected with this way of discovering the world, the 47-year-old hiked the ‚Continental Divide Trail‘ (CDT), just three years after the PCT. 
This second US long-distance trail (5000 kilometers) runs along the Rocky Mountains. „ That’s were we met“, recalls David Kleber, who lives in Norton, Massachusetts, near Boston. 
„More specifically, it was at the ‚Toaster House‘ in Pie Town, New Mexico, a place for hikers to rest, with many disused toasters attached to their entrance gate.“ Thinking about their first meeting both have to laugh. „I arrived sweaty and dusty and he was freshly shaved wearing a clean white T-shirt and was cooking. For me it was clear that this guy can never be a hiker. He must be a guy who takes care of  the house.“ But the reason for this ‚none-hiker-look‘ was just, that the mechanic had already arrived the day before. And cooking is of particular importance to the American. 
„I always carry a gas stove while hiking, because I appreciate a warm meal.“ Marie Elfe Weinmann sets other priorities. „The most important thing for me is my GPS device and of course my camera – I always have it in my luggage, … but  of course I am happy about a warm meal.“ 

Hiker friends become a couple 

 Initially, both decided to hike together out of safety reasons, to tackle the snow-capped mountains of Colorado. But days became months and friendship became more. 
„That’s why we no longer just hike on the trails, but also together through life with all its obstacles,“ says Maria Elfe Weinmann. And maybe soon  the South of New Zealand. „Or from Norway to Italy“, Maria Elfe Weinmann adds, „ or through Canada and Chile – oh, there are realy some impressive long-distance hiking trails that we would like to complete.“  


Picture description: 1 Maria Elfe Weinmann enjoying the view from the crater of Mount Ngauruhoe (Foto Weinmann)  2 The North Island is nearly done: Jumping in the air; Maria Elfe Weinmann and David Kleber close to Wellington (in the background)(Foto Weinmann).  3 The hike through the South Islands was canceled but this way there was time to take a flight to Frannz-Josef-Glacier near Mount Cook. (Foto Weinmann)  4 Hiking through the muddy rainforest brings frustration moments. (Foto Kleber)  5 Maria Elfe Weinmann and David Kleber also known as ‚Boston Bones‘ due to his passion of collecting bones and due to his origin. (Foto: Bender) 







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