Cathedral Caves  (Catlins)

What a fun day, exploring one amazing cave after another until the batteries of our flashlights gave up.

Was für ein toller Tag! Wir erforschen eine Höhle nach der anderen, bis die Batterien unserer Taschenlampen ihren Geist aufgeben.

Creatures in the dark/ Kreaturen im Dunkeln

Creatures in the dark / Kreaturen im Dunkeln

Creatures in the dark / Kreaturen im Dunkeln

Don’t get stuck/ nicht stecken bleiben

4 Kommentare

  1. Christina

    Dear Maria and David,
    thanks a lot for all these amaaazing pictures!! It looks like that you have a lot of fun and enjoying your time! My old desire of visiting New Zealand one day is waking up and says „hello“ to me. We spend the whole afternoon watching and enjoying your pictures 😊
    Happy belated Easter!

    • mariaelfe

      Dear Christina,

      you HAVE TO GO to New Zealand! It’s such a beautiful and friendly country and the people here are very special! My favourite ‚place to go‘, so far!

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